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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another Saturday

No rain today--but it did rain a half inch last evening and another half inch during the night.......Coy serviced his John Deere today...neat to see him doing it himself. He worked outside all day long! It;s been so quiet without the BIG tv. Coy and the girls let me sleep really late this morning. I must have been tired or still not completely well. I ended up going to get the week's (hopefully) groceries and then cooking a good supper. It's hard to beat shake and bake chicken around here!

Tomorrow the girls are baking for when Missy's family comes through. Grace is making her famous brownies and JoGail is making Uncle Alex her strawberry cheesecake. It's from the mix but she dumps everything and holds the mixer and everything. JoGail loves cooking. Right now she likes fro me to call her "Little Chef". She made a cheesecake and took it to MawMaw's. She's excited about "The Next Food Network Star" and seeing who will win tomorrow night. (She's picking Amy). She's pretty good about picking who will get sent home. She woke me up last night at eight and told me "Paula's Party is on! Wake up!'. I guess Coy watching it with her is just not he same as me watching it with her.

Tomorrow we are planning on going swimming at the Cain Center after lunch. Been awhile since we've been there.

For those who haven't checked this out, this is utterly hilarious........


It's my baby broher's blog from Afghanistan where is into security..I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Ususally he's very opinionated, but this is good......I can see it.....just can't figure out how in the world he got out of it.......wouldn't have happened if he had walked.............


Mike C said...

I "got out of it" by standing up and doing my presentation... what else could I do?? Besides, ESPECIALLY in the Army, do you think anyone would ever admit to trying to check out my package? Methinks not... :)

Laurie said...

Could have been females in the audience...heh???????

Going to 6 flaggs with Miss, Alex and the boys Tuesd. Anxious to see what hte girls will and willnot ride.