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Friday, July 27, 2007

What a day!

The girls had the movie and lunch date with Karen from Coy's office . She thinks she's their grandmother and vice versa. She ended up taking them all the way to Tyler. JG said she talked all the way back because Ms. Karen gave her lots of sugar!

Oh JoGail, oh JoGail! She told her daddy last night the she wants to be a tattoo girl when she grows up. her daddy told her absolutely not! She wants to be the one drawing and putting the tattoos on..................we'll see

Watching her on the computer last night was interesting. She can do a recipe search on and read recipes If she finds one she doesn't think would be good, she says . yuck ! She can't sit still long enough to read a chapter book but she can read recipes! Wonder if there are any cookbooks on AR???????????

Gave up on the yard man ever coming to pull weeds, yeah right, like Coy would agree to that, so the girls and I weeded this evening. Of course I'll pay for it in the next few days, but it looks soooo much better!

WAHOO! I hear kudos are in order for Alex. Let me know how the awards meal goes!


Deanna said...

When you find a yardman that will weed and not complain and work for free, send him over--I have dead flowers (drowned is more like it!) that need replacing! Jason won't do it either--his idea of weeding is to just weed whack it all down! I think it's the power tool thing! LOL

Nara Visa Cowboy Gathering said...

When you live where we live, weeds are not a real issue, except for some tiny mosquitoes. Neither is grass!!
we'll take care of all the above by the first of October--Cool, cool,...