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Saturday, July 07, 2007

AR prizes arrived today. Grace got her a new laptop and JG got a gameboy advance. Hard for Coy and I to believe our ten year old has her own laptop, with built in parental controls of course! JG is tickled pink over her new gameboy. Pretty quiet around here right now.

Coy fixed his computer. WAHOO! No more trips to Tyler to simply drop off or pick up the computer.

Still haven't heard from SONY about the tv. We watch it for awhile until we all get aheadache, then we retreat to another place.

Finished my second Potluck Club book. Those books are so good! I get totally wrapped up in them. I want to try some of the recipes, too.

Sun has shone birghtly here today. Got up to over 90 degrees. Stillneed another day or so to dry out enough to begin mowing.

Tomorrow we begin packing for our trip to Ragley. Always interesting when we visit down there. Hope it doesn't rain the whole time so the girls can get out and go exploring.


Anonymous said...

Really, your kiddos are spoiled! I think Ben and John want to be your kids insead of ours!

Call me before you leave!

Laurie said...

tried calling you all day....Lindsey (Grace'sBFF from soccer is going with us to Ragley)