Lauries Kitchen

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday night

Oh my what beautiful snow we has last week! So beautiful. I loved going to my kitchen window and seeing how bright i tlooked outside with all the snow. Made me think about the hymn that says He washes me white as I must really be clean to Him! I pulled pictures up on the computer from the last time we had any major snow here. It was Feb. 13, 2004. Grace was in 2nd grade (I think)! I remember that JoGail got bundled up and went out to play and hated EVERY minute of it! She was four! What a difference 6 years makes! She was up early Friday morning ready to go out and play and make things this time. She made a small snowman and tried making a snow volcano. She tried using baking soda and vinegar to get it to erupt but I think it was too wet. She had a blast. I think Grace slept through most of the snow....typical teenager! She has been doing her ankle exercises and rested from all activities last week. She gets to start some jogging on it this week and we'll see how it goes. Her soccer coach called and asked her is she would please stay on the roster so she can play tournaments. We (Coy, myself and her) talked about it and we agreed. So I guess she is still a Lady Destroyer. (sigh) Coy has been watching the Encore Western channel......even more than usual with the weather! It was nice and quiet around here Thursday night since there was so much snow on the satellite receiver. Too I got up Friday morning and took a step ladder and broom and swept it off. He thought it was unsuafe to do that so I waited until he was in the shower! I woke up Thursday with a sore throat and cannot get it to go away! So in search of something hot to drink for my throat, I ditched the diabetic recipes and adapted this one. And let me tell felt so good on my throat.

Here's what I did.

Buttered Lemonade

Mix 2 quarts lemonade from  mix.
Pour some in a mug.
Add a small pat of butter.
Microwave to make it hot.
Throw in some red hot and stir.

The butter makes it just slide down......gonna be a favorite!

I made some candied popcorn for a snack for everyone (but Grace because of her braces but she got to eat the leftover m & ms)..Yummo! I think I will bag it up and take it to the office for people to munch on.

Candied Popcorn
 Pop some popcorn ( 1 1/2 batches) popcorn in air popover. OR pop two bags in microwave. Take out unpopped kernals.  Place in large bowl. Melt white chocolate almond bark-either in microwave or in double boiler. When melted stir in as many M & M s youwant. I used a medium sized bag. Mix together. then mix with popcorn. Spread on sheet pan that has a sheet of waxed paper on it and let it harden.

For various holidays you could use the seasonal M & Ms.