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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tried something new!!!!!

OK, so we tried somethign new last thing wasa BRAND new and one thing we haven't done as a family for quite a while....Last night we had a Meatless Monday. Now I know alot of you are thinking you could never pull it off...Well I didn't really think I could either then I started plotting....what if we had it on a night when I KNEW the kids would come in hungry???Normally we eat between 6-6:30, but on Mondays we eat around 8:30 right now because of basketball practice. So that means they went straight to practice (first one starts at 4:30 ).......JoGail had a little snack at her choir practice. Grace had a little bowl of cereal here at the house. It worked!!!!!  Everyone enjoyed it...Here's what we had...

Roasted broccoli
California Mix
Baked sweet potatoes
Mixed hominy (white and yellow) (Grace's favorite)
Spinach (JoGail's favorite)
Leftover rolls
Roasted squash and fresh mushrooms
Roasted potatoes

Seems like a lot but I wanted to be sure everybody had something they liked. My new recipe was for Roasted Broccoli...and let me tell you I loved it....Somehow roasting it seems to take the bitterness out of's what I did after reading several recipes on the internet.

Roasted Broccoli

Prheat overn to 400 degrees. Dry broccoli well. (not sure whay but all the recipess said to do this)
Cut broccoli into treetops. Place in shallow baking pan. Spray pam on broccoli and season to taste. I just used salt and pepper but you could put house seasoning, greek seasoning, whatever. Roast for about 25 minutes or until some of the broocli looks brown on top.

I saved the leftovers and intend to eat some more dipped in ranch.......

I am baking a friend's birthday  gift tonight. Gina loves Nutella. And her birthday isn't until Friday but I will be busy Tursday night with a ballgame, so I am going ot go ahead and bake it while I can.....nutella cheesecake brownies....


Vanessa Kessler said...

Your blog is very pretty! I'll be checking back for some of your yummy recipes!