Lauries Kitchen

Thursday, July 08, 2010


Time for a catch up blog!

Last Friday Grace go ther four wisdom teeth out. Almost a weeek later sheis still in pain so we are going back this morning. I suspect she has a dry socket, but we'll see. I don't do well when my baby (I know, she's 13) is up at 3 am crying because it hurts so bad.....don't do well at all.....she has just over a week before she heads out on her mission trip. We are starting to get things together.

JoGai lis enjoying her carefree summer...sleeping late mostly. She thinks that makes her soo grown up! I took her to Sherry's yesterday and she got toswin with Haley and she really enjoyed that. She has been to visit Leadan adn held her. She couldn't beleive how soft and small Leadan is! She is also happy because one of her kindergarten friends moved back and was at church last night! She was so excited to see Justin!

I met soem friends from Mabank and had lunch with them on Tuesday. It was great seeing everybody and getting a little heads up on some major changes coming our way when we get back to work. We'll survive....we always do! I have continues with the walking and have been working outside as much as possible, to help combat the prednisone effects. I think it's working. I'm not losing but I'm not really gaining either! I actually enjoy mowing, etc. Right now I am working on a project to move rocks...taking awhile but I'm slowly getting it done with the help of the little red wagon!

Coy is super busy at work. Trying to get the budget finalized and grant applications completed. I know he will be ready for our vacation in a couple of weeks!!!!

Gotta finsh my menu planning and make my grocery list....I have switched to google calendar for this and I like it so far. I hope I can pull it up at work when I need to, though!