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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Zuchinni Ribbons and Seasoned Drumsticks....

I tried two new recipes tonight and they were both a hit! I have been wanting to try Easy Peasy Chicken Legs from Mommy's Kitchen for awhile but wasn't sure how the gang would feel about eating their chicken legs with their gang can be kind of picky about that! But since we have been on an "No eating out" kick, I decided to slip it in. It was wonderful and not very expensive! I think the package of drumsticks was $4.36. I had the seasoning. So it was really really cheap! Then I got a hankering (is that a real word??) for the zuchinni ribbons I always order at Pappadaeux's. So I saved  one of our club sized zuchinnis and scrubbed it clean. I searched the net for a recipe and really didn't find one for cooked zuchinni ribbons. Most were used in salads. So I just decided to try a simple way. I just used my vegetable peeler to peel the zuchinni. I stopped when I got the seeded part. Sauted it in some real butter with salt and pepper....oh it was delicious! Since the zuchinni was so big I only used about half of it but will be cooking it up tomorrow-probably for a mid aftenroon snack! So that part of supper was free!!!! Then I cooked the girls some cauliflower and broccoli.....they love that stuff! Got out the leftover potato salad and sliced a garden fresh tomato...I figure I fed the family of four with NO leftovers for less than $8.00 total!!!!  And to top it off Coy ahs been trying his hand at making fresh pie crust and a new chocolate pie recipe! So we even have a dessert! He's trying a new chocolate pie recipe.....tomorrow we're going to make a lemon pie! I can't wait! That's my favorite! I do feel like he has somewhat invaded my territory in the kitchen though. He can't do it without me though, because he hasn't figured out my storage for everything. As you migth imagine, I don't keep things exactly where his mom used to keep them, so he has to try adn think where would Laurie put that!!! Haha Got him there!

Zuchinni Ribbons
1 large zuchinni (Mine was about a foot long and 4 inches around-from our garden)
1/2 cup real butter
Cast iron skillet

Scrub zuchinni clean. Using a vegetable peeler, peel ribbons down the zuchinni until you reach the seeded part. (At this point I used a knife and cut the ribbons into thirds to make them easier to eat). Heat butter in cast iron skillet. Put ribbons in and sprinkle in salt and pepper. Cook til crisp...about 5-7 minutes.

Seasoned Drumsticks
(adapted from Mommy's Kitchen)

1 package chicken drumsticks...I think there were 12-14 in my package
Mrs. Dash Grilling Blends-Chicken

Spray roasting pan with pan. Sprinkle seasoning on drumsticks and place in pan. Bake at 350 for about and hour-hour and a half or until chicken is no longer pink.

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Katie said...

Your zucchini ribbons sound great! I have been searching for new recipes, as I am getting a lot of zucchin from my garden!

Robyn said...

Love zucchini and this recipe sounds delicious!

Thanks so much for linking up to On the Grill this week.


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

The zucchini sounds really good!! I so wish I had a garden full of zucchini, I like to get mine from the farmers market, thanks!