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Monday, July 26, 2010

Things I have heard and some blessings!

I know we have the garmin but we still need a map! Really, like her sweet voice can't find our way there????

I am never, ever living in Kansas...or Nebraska! I can understand this one.

Only 329 miles til our next turn!!!!!

Steak again???? I think they are secretly missing my cooking on this one!

JoGail, Be Quiet! Understandable !

I can't use my itouch. There's no wifi out here in the middle of nowhere. There's not even any houses!

Corn. More corn. and more corn. Saw it in 4 states!

Can we go back to the Battle of Little Big Horn this morning? This was not said by a female person in the family, by the way!

What do people do out here? I have no idea because there's not much out here that I can see. Lots of grassy plains and some rivers....

JoGail can you please play the quiet game?

I spy with my little eye......cornfields!!!!

Look there's another car on interstate with us! In Montana and Wyoming

We drove halfway through Oklahoma and just now saw another car with an Oklahoma license plate on it! Uhhh this was pretty much true!

Now to the blessings

The weatherr has been wodnerful. Absolutely wonderful.

Coy has driven and not gotten sleepy even though we haven't had alot of things to look at.

The girls has gotten along really good so far. JoGail has entertained herself and played her games. She has gotten mad when Grace won't play the magnetic tic tac toe game Missy made for her.

JoGail has made friend in every hotel pool she has swam in.

We have seen lots of corn. Which means farmers are having good crops.

We have been able to eat good food. We have not eaten at McDonald's yet!

The girls have tried new foods.

I have had my Bible study in the car every day. Been nice. No excuse not to have it.

I have seen Grace reading her Bible in the back seat. She is learning and trying.

I have apparently caught up on some much needed sleep!

The girls have been to a real, 1960's style motel. They loved it! Complete with a flyswatter hanging in the closet!

We have seen beautiful countryside and desolate highways!

We saw the biggest dandelions we have ever seen at Battle of the Little Big Horn!

Purple mountain flowers are beautiful!


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