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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jane and Jodie's Pulled Pork

I have been reading for a LONG time on the Internet about people raving about pulled pork. I wasn't even sure what it was. Then somehow we got to talking about it the other day in the office and Jand and Jodie told me how they make it. I kind of took their two recipe and combined it into one. I cooked it in the crock pot most of yesterday and then on low this morning while we were at Sunday School and church. It was sooo good! I'm already thinking this will be a great summertime recipe. Cook the pork, get some buns, baked beans and chips and you've got an easy meal! It wasn't too expensive, either. I got a larger than usual pork butt (it was the smallest the store had (4 pounds), so we will get two meals out of it. it would take at least a 2.5 pound one to feed our family of four. The pork was about $10 and everything else totalled about $6. So it still came out as a pretty cheap meal-especially when you consider the leftovers. Grace said she can't wait to put the meat in a tortilla and eat it as a wrap! Even though I liked it, when we go out to eat BBQ, I don't know that I could get myself to order pork instead of beef!

Jane and Jodie's Pulled Pork

1 pork butt (at least 2.5 pounds)
1 large jar BBQ sauce (I used the kind with chipolte in it)
1/2 20 ounce bottle Coke (Jodie uses a whole bottle)

Throw in crock pot and cook 6-8 hours or until pork tests done. When you lift the meat out of the pot, it will literally shred, so be careful and be ready!