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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday night!!!

Today I feel.....very proud. Proud to be a BULLDOG!!!!!  Just got in from the sports banquet. It was awesome watching the kids all dressed up.

I am thankful......I got a nap in today. Not sure what I am going to do next week when we have a teacher workday on Saturday!    :(

Tomorrow I am....going to church and hopefully taking the MSAN (Mandatory Sunday afternoon nap)! Of course I have a gajillion other things to do, but church and the MSAN come first! :)

I am marcy ladybug shirt!    No shoes!!!!

I would just rain and rain and rain. No storms, though. Just rain! Unfortunately we have had storms lately. We came home from volleyball last night to the electricty being out due to storms. I went on to bed. Grace downloaded a flashlight app for her phone, so she stayed up awhile. JoGail had the crank flashlight and played with toys. It sure was dark! Made me really think about the days when there was no electricity. No tv. No fans. No lights. Just darkness. It was a good time to just BE STILL.

My schedule this week more banquet (the Top Ten Banquet....I know I'll cry at this one!), more volleyball, a school board meeting for Coy, Baccalaurate, and more volleyball. Oh and a workday at school on Saturday. Makes for a long week, but it is what it is....

I am reading.....another Lauraine Snelling book. This is a book of four Christiam romances back at the turn of the century in the Dakotas. The grasshoppes keep eating all their crops!

I laughed today....oh gosh, which time? Coy provides me with a reason to laugh amlost daily. His personality isn't wuite as straight and stiff as some people like to believe. He is full of one liners and keeps us girls laughing.

I am working on.....or rather should be working on......reports for work. So many to complete and so little time. I got quite a bit done this past week and hope this coming week is just as productive.
God really kept my distractions to a minimum and gave me the words to type.
Yesterday I.....celebrated Boss's week with the best friends anyone could ask for at work. We are truly a family in our department. We finally got to explain what CODFISH meant to our fearless leader!We had so much fun teasing her with clues all week. I am still impressed that we all kept it a secret all week!

I am hoping..that my girls know how much I love them. Yes, I love their accomplsihments, but even more I am proud of the personalities and love for God. Yes, Grace had the highest GPA and was selected as best all around her class.  And JoGail won the sack race at field day. But even without this, I would love them as much as I do. They are precious!

I bet you didn't's rare for me to be awake at 10 p.m. Acutally 9 p.m. I have always been a person who needed sleep and still am. I don't like to get up either. Just ask Coy. So I am neither a late night person or an early morning person. I have been that way as long as I can remember, too.

Have a good week!