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Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting ready for summer !!!!!

Yes, it's almost summer time!!!! We had a mini cookout today. Coy cooked and the girls had friends over. My girls are so blessed. They have good, quality friends. They pretty much wiped out a half gallon of bluebell!!!!(In their defense there were 5 of them!)

Ok, confession time....I have started watching Pawn Stars and American Pickers on television. I just can't believe some of the things these people bring in and actually want money for. It's a guilty pleasure....but I figure it's better than watching other things on television. You have to admit it IS interesting and better than watching those extreme couponers and feeling guilty when I go to the grocery store (even though I know I do not have 6-8 hours to devote to EVERY trip to the grocery store.)

I am almost finished at work.....almost!!!!  Wednesday should be my last day if I get everything done. It'll be close ... and I will try.....we'll just have to see!!! I am starting to get excited. I love summers. I walk more, get to see friends I don't normally get to see, and try  new recipes. I'm thinking about trying to let JoGail pick and try a dessert recipe every week. I don't know if she's quite ready for that yet--planning, making a list, etc. We'll probably try it and see how it turns out. Last summer the girls learned how to do their own laundry-and do most weeks. That has been such a blessing! I'm not sure what their life lesson will be this summer. Any suggestions???

It's been a year since we learned about Grace's illness. She's come so far! She is sleeping through the night now and is mostly having very good days. She absolutely can't miss her meds and we still have to remind her every night to take them, but we're making improvements. She hasn't had any side effects, which is a true blessing. She has summer workouts, finishing up spring league volleyball, and church camp this summer. Her church camp is M Fuge which focuses on mission activities.

JoGail is signed up for Pre AP classes next year. We have to let her try and you know, she is always one who performs when she is expected to, so we'll see. I'm suspecting it will be challenging but that's ok. I just can't believe my BABY is going to the middle school!!!!!!!  Friday will be her last day at her beloved intermediate school!!!! She has volleyball camp and Fish Camp (Church camp) this summer. She absolutely loves church camp and feels like she is a pro at going! She's also going to do part of the summer workouts (the agility parts). She also gets to spend a few days with Jaci in a couple of weeks and she is SOOOO looking forward to that!

Coy has a lot to do this summer. He still doesn't know what the state legislature will do for its part of funding Eustace ISD, he's still in a holding pattern for completing his budget. That's one of the big things he accomplishes in the summer, so I know that's frustrating to him. He and I always talk about how he does more in the summer than the rest of the school year!!!!

We are going to celebrate our 17th anniversary in a couple of weeks. That just seems unbelievable to me. What seems even more unbelievable is that I love him more today than when we got married. Just amazing!!!!!


Melissa Priest said...

Teach them how to make a budget!