Lauries Kitchen

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Time for a Sunday Seven! That's even things I am thankful for...

1. My husband. I know you've all heard me before, but I am truly blessed by the man of God he has become. He has a deep understanding of God and reminds me almost daily that my main goal in life is to Glorify God. Period. (he's kind of matter of fact like that.) When I have something to talk about he listens. He wraps me in his arms and reminds that I'm God's daughter and that everything will be ok. I am truly blessed by him.

2. Air conditioning that works. Our air conditioner had issues this past week and boy am I ever thankful for Gary Smith and his working knowledge of air conditioners! It was fixed relatively quick, and I am also thankful for that. As we got hot the one night it was out, I had the chance to tell the girls that this was what it was like growing up. Windows open, listening to crickets and cars going by. You take a bath to cool off. It was definitely a blessing but I 'm not hoping to repeat the adventure soon!

3. The stupid spartica workouts. Coy found this sparticus workout in Men's Health and starting doing them. That's how he toned up and lost 30 pounds. He finally convinced me to do them. The exercises hurt like crazy. but I kind of look forward to doing them. Yes, I'm probably still doing half of the exercises  wrong, but I am doing something. I had to move up in weights last time and I have been sore again. It only takes 33 minutes to complete the workout, but let me tell you that can drag out! The other days he has me walking on the treadmill. I actually jogged a little this afternoon. Scary, huh? But it does perk me up and I think I'm feeling better. My main motivation for doing this is to spend more time with Coy and get STRONGER. I've almost been doing them a month.

4. My church. My church is my second home. There are people there I can  talk to, I mean really talk to., who give me Godly advice. Are we perfect? No. But we try in everything we do, to Glorify God!VBS was last week and I cherished the memories of my daughters helping.  They are both naturals at it and loved every minute, even though they got tired as the week went on.

5. The girls friends. They both have friends who accept them for who they are and don't try to change them. Kids that come over and just talk and hang out. Plus their mom are pretty cool, too!

6. MSAN...Mandatory Sunday afternoon naps (stolen form my college friend Jeff Reedy).....there is just something about relaxing after a great Sunday morning worship service and just sleeping--no medication required, just laying down and falling asleep. They are the best ever!

7.I have thought several times this week that I am truly blessed to enjoy cooking. I love making food for my family. I love perusing recipes and making meal plans. And yes, we do tend to stick to them and rarely eat out unless we are on the road.

and 8. (because #8 (Tommy Kasner would want me to have 8 things instead of 7).....I am thankful that a baby girl came into our lives 8 years ago. She was teeny tiny and here for only a short amount of time. She has brought my sister Melissa and I very close even though we live a long ways apart. We are close in heart and spirit and I am forever indebted to sweet Marci for that. I can't wait to see her again someday. I know she'll be waiting on me when it's my turn to get into heaven and I an thankful beyond measure for that!