Lauries Kitchen

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Well, it's been a long day! We officailly ended vacation this afternoon with a trip to teh movies. Grace has been begging us to take her to see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer. We were leery because it's Rated R. Grace read the book and so did Coy. No sex scenes in it just gory blood. So off we went. I normally do not like movies in general, but this one was actually ok. There really wasn't that much blood in the movie. Coy said there was waayy more in the book and that the Aveangers movie probably had more violence than this opne (it wasn't rated R). Anyways, its was ok. Poor JoGail. We have probably tainted her view of Abraham Lincoln. I'm not so sure she can separate history from myth. (Actually I'm not sure she KNOWS his history) Everytime I looked down at her in the movie she was just watching, munching on her popcorn.

We started my workouts today and oh my am I sore. Like really sore. Like I can't remember the last time I was this sore! Coy's having me do the Sparticus (or Spartica...ahem Missy) workout. It's basically alot of variations of pushups and stuff. I've decided that Coy needs to be a personal trainer when he retires. You should see some of the food we are eating and the recipes we are trying. I'll post a few so I can find them later on. Most have been decent. The power protein balls (20 g protein per ball) were ok. I could get tired of them pretty quick, though. The bacon wrapped tuna was delicious. I also made a bacon wrpaped egg thing for breakfast. You just take a piece of bacon and wrap it inside a muffin tin. Then mix up scrambled eggs and poor in teh muffin tins and bake at 350 for 30 mins. Very high in protein breakfast. My muffin tin had to soak to get clean though. Bacon and eggs seem to be favorite meals of protein for people looking to add more protein to their diets. And the bacon's not so bad when bake it and only have one slice. I think it's like 35 calories or something ridicuously low.

We just got back from a great vacation .It was very relaxing and peaceful. With two teenage girls we did some retail therapy which has helped with back to school shopping. We are about done with that! They are almost in to the same size clothes, so you would think that would mean they could share and we could buy less, but it isn't soooo! They actually do share clothes pretty well. I think it's because they are at different school campuses though! One highlight of vacation was catching the Fourth of July parade in Fredrickburg. I highly recommend going to see that and the National Museum of the Pacfic War. It was, of course, educational, and VERY informative. The parade was probably the first parade the girls has seen were there was actual political candidates in the parade and there were numerous political party floats. Of course we toured UT and I must admit that it wasn't as 'spread out' as I thoguht it would be and the people on the campus were very friendly. Grace still wants to go there. JoGail said she was thinking about Texas Tech....but who knows where they will end up or what they will even major in. I'm still praying for a smaller campus, simliar to ETBU when I was there. I made so many lifelong friends there.  Truly though, I'll be happy when they are happy, big or small campus.

Hopefully this week will be a fairly quiet one. One thing on the agenda is cleaning the wooden cabinets really good in the kitchen. Of course, I may be too sore to help!They (the girls)  will finally figure out why I have been buying them ice cream in the gallon each can have their own bucket when we do that! :)