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Thursday, April 22, 2010

7 things about me.......

7 things I did before

1. Was a student

2. Wasinvolved in student government at high school and college

3. Was a summer missionary in Brownsville

4. Learned to drive a stick shift bus in Matamoros, Mexico

5. Taught physical education to elementary students

6. Was the first student female stuxent trainer at GHS

7. Kept a church nursey during college

7 things I do now

1. Cook! for friends and family
2. Check facebook every day I can

3. Read the Bible every day

4. Read Coy's blog Monday-Friday

5. Try to sleep in a little bit EVERY day

6. Love to walk with my friends in the summer
7. Evaluate and diagnose special needs kids

7 things I want to do

1. Memorize more scripture
2. Blog more frequently

3. Keep in better touch with long distance relatives

4. Work out more

5. Run, not walk a 5k this summer

6. Learn to decorate cakes with fondant

7. Do a better job remembering birthdays

7 things that attract me about the opposite sex

1. Sensitivity/tenderheartedness

2. Postive attitude

3. Integrity

4. Kindness and playfulness

5. Old Fashioned Gentlemanly habits

6. Enjoys sports and outdoors

7. Must love good , old fashioned food, good quality food. Lots of it.

7 Favorite Foods

1. BBQ chicken

2. Chips and salsa

3. Roasted butternut squash

4. My mama's potato salad

5. Cantaloupe

6. Watermelons

7. Mr. G's snowcones-cinnamon with leche

7 things I say Most Often:

1.  UUGHGHH!!!!

2. Oh my!

3. Who's is this?

4. Why is this here and not where it belongs?

5. Do I have to get up?

6. JoGail! Emphasis on the G in Gail

7. Really?