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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Slowing down

Normally I think time flies, but these last few weeks at work had crept by! And I hve been extremely busy. The days go fast but the week as a whole is slow going! I guess I am anticipating summer too soon! But as slow it is going for me I know my best friend from high school has even longer days. She has a couple more weeks until she gets to see her husband.  He has been overseas since July. I know she is anxious to see him and he is just as anxious to see her and the kids! 

Grace has her final and district track meet tomorrow. We are supposed to have beautiful weather for it, too. I can't believe she is finishing her first year of atheltics. I know she is ready to just come after in the afternoons and ride her scooter. She loves being outside-always has! I love that about my girls....they are homebody outdoorsy girls. I have had to call JoGail to come to the car these past few mornings. She loves going out in the mornings. I tell them I al the ONLY mother in Eustace that has kids who get ready and go out to play every morning! Wouldn't trade it for anything!

Grace helped me make supper tonight. She made her fish, I made spinach for JoGail and then I made the spinach/strawberry salad. We love that salad and it's so healthy! No one even put the dressing on it tonight! Both girls had cereal for dessert. Can't beat that!

I am making an appetizer (Hidden Valley Sausage Stars) for work tomorrow. We are having a a 'deficit' audit at work tomorrow. Thought a little food would cheer everyone up! haha  I got the recipe from Mommy's Kitchm (   Check out her blog adn all the good recipes she has. I will post the recipe after I have comments from people at work!