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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Recipes needed

Boy was ait hot yesterday at the soccer tournament. We knew it was going to be a scorcher when they gave the girls water breaks during the 8:00 am game. I sat under a shade tree during most of the games. It was alot less stressful than being on the sidelines! Those girls played hard and played their hearts out. We got second which really isn't bad since we were playing up in the 'academy' bracket instead of the recreational bracket. JoGail lost another tooth during 7:15 game last night. She was excited! We ate lunch at Red Robin--I love that place and thei zuchinni sticks! Then we headed to Academy.....and said goodbye to more money.....JoGail had to have a new pair of shoes. (AGAIN). Her toe was beginning to push through this recent pair of tennis shoes. She is now in a woman's size 8 shoe....yes you read that right, size 8! Grace got some more summer workout clothes. I think we are set now for a while...until we start shopping for back to school clothes....

Grace is doing much better. I think we are beginning to see the effects of he rnew medication.  She got a little dizzy once at the tournament but was better when we got some protein in her. She's sleeping well and laughing quite a bit.  One of her friends from second grade rode up with us and spent the first night with us. They had a great time laughing and recalling stories. It was music to my ears to hear my girl laughing again. Please continue to pray as we travel this road. We are all still adjusting. I have probably had the hardest time but I am doing better. I have been resting better. I have a minivacation coming up with teh girls at work. We are going to a conference in San Marcos Monday-Wednesday. I imagine I will sleep all the way down there in the car. I don't really want to leave my family right now but I know it will probably be good for me and give me some alone time before my summer officially begins. I can't wait to walk! I am thinking I might try to get started a little next week. :)  I officially finish work Friday. But we are required to get 4 comp days in for next year. I'm not sure what the plan will be yet, but I htink we are going to try and knock them out that next week so I can be totally done. I should have about 6 full weeks of walking! (maybe more since they reduced the number of days the diags work next year) I can't wait to see all my friends!

Menu planning......not much point to do it while I am gone...I'm certain they will eat out at least once! (probably more!)   Wednesday night is supper at church. Thursday we will have Grace's fish and Friday we will have spaghetti and bread. Saturday I might see if Coy will grill some hamburgers or maybe a steak!

I am wanting to learn to grill fruit on the grill. Do you have any recipes? Suggestions? Tips? If you do, please let me know. I am thinking of maybe trying a fruit kabob first..that way I can kind of taste and see which ones I (we) like and go from there. Any ideas????

I have so many recipes to try this summer and can't wait to get's a sampling of what I want to try.

What's on your list of things to do this summer???