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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Zuchinni oh my!

I thinkn we must have bought the jumbo zuchinni variety to plant! I have never seen so many huge zuchinni! The plant itself if as big or bigger than my kitchen table. We are grilling tonight so I am going to slice some of these bad boys up and try them that way! Of course I will fry some up as well......I use pancake mix for the batter....yummy! They way I figured it we have at least $5 worth of zuchinni here if not more....and there's much more to come! The cantalope and watermelon plants are really spreading out!

I ran across a version of recipe in a new cookbook that I had to try! It's called Green Light Salad. Since I love all kinds of jello salad, especially what we called 'pink salad' growing up I thought I would try this. I have had it before but had totally forgotten about it!

Green Light Salad
From Easy Diabetic Coooking Recipes

1 small package green jello
1 cup cottage cheese
2 Tablespoons mayonaise
1 small can crushed or tidbit sized pineapple.

Mix together. Refrigerate before serving.

Love, love, love it!

JoGail and I have been making cookie for the cookie walk at the church's family fun festival this afternoon. I cheated and finally found a way to use up the frozen cookie dough accumulated through various fundraisers! SI am blessed with double ovens, it made it a breeze. Then we bagged them in old fashioned sandwich bags (the kind that fold over-I paid 50 cents for the WHOLE box) and tied a bow around them with various ribbons I had in a box. So cute! and so much fun with JoGail. She figured out a way to put two ribbons together that looked really cute! We also bought some $1 a package muffin mixes and made those up as well. She is really becoming quite the help in the kitchen. Grace has started doing her own laundry today.....YEAH!!!!!!  A part of me wants to scream "wahooo it's about time" and another wants to curl up and cry because it's just one more independent living skill she is learning....hard to believe she will be in college in five years....five years...driving in 3!!! She completed volleyball camp this past week....and can overhead serve consistently now :). She also figured out she loves blocking and spiking. Next week she starts morning workouts and then both girls have basketball camp until 12. They are both eating breakfast and lunch at school since it's FREE the month of June! I have four more days of work and then I am finally done for the summer. My house is a wreck but I keep telling myself I will get to it when I am finished with work!!!   (Uhm yeah right!)

My diet has been out of whack these past couple of weeks and I am hoping to get back on the wagon soon. I haven't really gained but I haven't lost either! I need to keep losing!  Keep me in your prayers. It's hard and very challenging. I'm hoping the walking will help, too when I get off work....finally!

This recipe is linked up to Potluck Sunday at Mommy's Kitchen.


Deanna said...

Did you forget that I didn't get a garden planted this year, and I like GIANT zuccini......