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Friday, June 18, 2010

Two new recipes!

Wow! I have been in the kitchen alot so far this summer break! It's been wonderful! And JoGail has been right beside me most of the time, talking away and talking away and talking away! She's becoming quite the helper in the kitchenin the process, though! I found a new recipe in a cookbook to try with all the zuchinni. I'm already wishing I had shredded more! I hope we get some more big ones !!! They shred so easily in the food processor! This first recipe is like a zuchinni cornbread.....sort of ! It's really good!

Crustless Zuchinni Pie
Adapted from Fast Fixes with Mixes

1 cup Bisquick
2 cups shredded zuchinni
1/2 c oil
4 beaten eggs
Salt and pepper

Mix all together and pour in sprayed 8x8 pan. Bake 350 about 30 minutes.

I would imagine you could add some cheese in it, too.....but you know how Coy is about cheese!

This next recipe is what I have been making me for lunch. I got the idea from a friend who had it at El Chico. I call it Pineapple Chicken Salad. Not like egg salad, though, more with greens. Makes enough for 1.

Pinepaple Chicken Salad
4 ounces chicken
Balsamic Vinegar ( I just use the cheap brand)
2 pineapple rings or some fresh pineapple
Shredded lettuce or a bowl of greens

Marinate chicken in balsamic vinegar. I poke the chicken with a fork to let is soak in good. Pan cook chicken. Move chicken to another plate to cool. Heat/cook pineapple in same skillet. Layer lettuce/greens in bowl, top with chicken and pineapple. I don't even need a dressing for this one!

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far!

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