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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Ok I have missed a couple days of blogging! Things have been busy around here. Grammy and PawPaw arrived and the fun began! Looking at the lights in Athens, Christmas Eve big breakfast (prepared by PawPaw and JoGail), decorating popcorn balls, playing Pokemon, Christmas Eve service at church, Pizza Hut , then opening presents before waiting on Santa to arrive. Yes, we still track him on NORAD. I do believe my 14 year old was just as excited as my 10 year old, too! The reindeer were fed and cookies were left out! Christmas morning was relaxing as gifts were played with and nerf bullets were flying everywhere. Lunch was served around 11:30 and was very good. I introduced mom and dad to homemade cranberry sauce and  I do think they liked it a little bit! Mom and Dad left headed for Abilene this morning while we headed to Keller to spend the day with Coy's family. Lots of great food and games were on the agenda. If we only knew the rules of the games we were playing we would have been set to go! It was a fun day!

Tomorrow I get back to straightening the house and checking things off the to do list.

One word best describes this Christmas. Relaxing. No stress no high expectations, just plain old good fun with out families. JoGail said her favorite thing about this Christmas was playing Pokemom with Grammy and PawPaw. Grace said hers was decorating the popcorn balls with Grammy and PawPaw. It's hard to beat spending good quality time with your grandkids!!!!