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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 2 of Christmas Vacation

Wow!!!! I am tired!!! Seems I have been the energizer bunny and just been going and going these last two days.....And yes, I woke up early again today!!!!  Seems the older I get the harder it is to sleep past 7:30!!!  I try not to take naps....which hasn't been a problem these past two days because I have been busy.

This morning JoGail and I finished the truffles.....once we 'found' the box of chocolate I 'hid'. Ok, I  misplaced...actually I had no idea where I placed it...and no idea why I put it in Grace's room....of all places...any ways, we found it, unopened and finished the truffles.....and let me tell ya, they are good! My sister sent the recipe...chocolate  and cream cheese...yummy!!!   But I must admit they I am not a chocolate dipper!!!!             truffle recipe

Then we completed the gingerbread house....doesn't look too bad. Maybe I can get pictures posted tomorrow. I just love watching the girls work together. JoGail drew the designs on then Grace came behind and 'decorated'. Then JoGail just took over everything! I don't think Grace minded, either....

Took Grace to the family doctor today. Yes, she probably popped her shoulder partially out of place in that basketball game about a week ago. She has some exercises to do to try and strengthen it. Her wrist-no broken bones, but the dr could hear the synnovial fluid (or something like that) 'grinding', so he ordered an MRI. Not sure what's going on there, but he thought something was. Her leg-she has a lipoma (fatty tissue). We are just going to watch it and see what happens. If it starts calcifying we will have to have it removed but it's not hurting anything right now. Took the doc less than 20 minutes for all that...I felt like we got a little bit better of a deal since she had three things wrong today, though!

It was  warm here today! Grace and I wore shorts! While we were gone JoGail and Coy worked outside and finally threw the16 watermelons left in the garden to the cows. They never ripened, so we had just left them there. They saved two of the biggest for us to try and cut open . I keep telling him they won't be ripe, but we'll see! Just going to make a sticky mess if you ask me....which he didn't! hummmmph

We had rotel chicken for supper. Again, a nice quick easy supper.....just throw some chicken in a pan with a can of rotel and some taco seasoning and bake. Grace requested it. She likes it rolled up in a tortilla.JoGail just likes to eat it as is.

Tomorrow I'm making a big pot of soup....warm weather or not! It's for Thursday night when my folks are here. That's one thing I cook that rivals my mom's....vegetable soup. Plus I start cooking for Christmas Day and for Coy's family get together.....making cranberry jalapeno relish and Jalapeno tree's green sauce...I am so thankful for my food processor!!!!   plus we are cleaning the in mopping, etc. Not the girl's favorite thing to do (or mine for that matter) bu it must be done.....or so I am told....   :)   Oh and did I mention Aaron is coming over to watch a movie tomorrow afternoon????? 

Remember when I said I was trying to have a Mary Christmas ( as in the Mary and Martha story in the Bible)? I think I am. I suspect it will get harder as Christmas gets closer, but I am working on it! While I have been busy, it has not been stressful. It's been nice. It's been enjoyable to be around the girls and Coy. (Even if we have watched upteen recorded episodes of Star Trek and Phineas and Ferb).

Have a blessed night!


Beverly Brown said...

Hey, I enjoyed reading about your Christmas vacation, day 2. Seems you really enjoy being with your husband and girls -- I think that's wonderful. And I'll be glad to come over for some vegetable soup! I don't Facebook, but I do read people's blogs -- may even start one of my own. Can't imagine what I'd write about . . . but we'll see. Have a blessed, restful and happy Christmas - even if you are playing the part of the "other" Mary.

God Bless,