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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm getting older!

Sitting on the couch with my feet propped up! This has become my after supper ritual! I have been testing alot at work and let me tell you that just wears me out. I know, you would think we don't do that much while testing, but I think it just wears me down mentally. Actually y mind is going 90 to nothing from the moment I meet the kid.

I started itching on my arms this afternoon and looked down and sure enough there are hives coming. So I am taking some meds and heading to bed tonight. We had a long night (for us) last night since we attended the final running events of the district track meet. We saw some awesome races and had a good time catching up with friends. Of course, we sat on the brick wall (near the finish line), so my butt feels like it has bruises or something on it. You should have seen Coy keeping up with totals and figuring out all the possible scenarios.....those that really know him know what I am talking about. The varsity girls won for Eustace and the boys came in a close second! There are lots of Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs going on to regionals.

Coy emailed me the basketball schedule fro Grace this afternoon. Yikes!!! Do I really have a daughter going to high school next year? Plus my baby (and I mean BABY) is leaving the intermediate and going to the middle school!!!!  Yikes!!!!!!!!

Grace had a flex day today and both of the girls have them tomorrow. I was wishing this morning I had flex days.......flex days is a program Eustace participates in through TEA. They are allowed so many  "optional flex days" per year. The way Eustace uses them is for TAKS preparation (I think it's a reason their scores are so consistently good). THey plan theirs around TAKS testing and when they need more tie for the lower kids. There s criteria, like behavior, grades, attendance, etc, for a student to get the flex days off. If you get them off, you are basically counted present. If you don't you have to go and are counted absent if you don't go. EISD has participated in this for about 4 years and it seems to work well for both the students and teachers. Even if you earn a flex day you can still go to school that day for enrichment. (Ask JoGail-we've made her go just to get her AR points). Teachers seem to like it since, they get  more one on one time with the kids who need it right before the testing.

Well, it's medicine time.....I guess that means I'm getting older!!!!!!!!