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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Taking a deep breath!

Outside my's 87 degrees and we are waiting on thunderstorms. Hopefully we will all be asleep when they all roll through. We desperately need rain. 

Today I feel.....relaxed. Ready to take on the challenges I have waiting for me at work. 

I am thankful..for my family, especially Coy. Words cannot express how my love for him has grown. From someone I prayed for daily because I hated him so much to someone I cannot imagine living without. We didn't grow up together or even in the same generation for that matter, but we have created some special memories together. He takes care of me and loves me regardless of my flaws. He even eats my cooking every now and then! (just joking) 

Tomorrow I am..working and making meat patties in gravy for supper.  Laurie B's recipe!!!!! 

I am shorts and a blue shirt. No shoes!!!!!

I wish..Stacia and I still lived close to one another. She would have my big butt out walking every day! I miss talking with her and Cathy. I know we can never go back to the way we were since we are all spread out, but I miss being myself with them.  I thought of those two soo many times last week when I wore a lime green shirt. I felt like I was wearing lime sherbert all day! I could have told them that and they would have had a smart remark !   

My schedule this week[end] includes..Not much! Pretty quiet week here.  Coy has a board meeting Tuesday night, church Wednesday and that's about it. I suspect I'll be tired when I come home from work since I am planning to work with some kids this week. testing kids wears me out. i guess since the whole time they are testing I am trying to figure them out and what makes them tick. 

Just  side note that Grace did awesome at her track meet! I was so proud of the effort she put out. She was all smiles and that's what I love to see! We got in around 10:30 then she had to get up and go ref Saturday! 

I need to start..remembering that God has made me an encourager and you can't do that if you're griping. Just sayin'!

I am reading..Where My Heart Belongs by Tracie Peterson. It was really good. It's a story about a prodigal sister and how hard it is to let the past be the past even when everyone involved has pure hearts and wants to let the past go.  The sad part is that life doesn't usually involve both sides having a pure heart. 

I laughed today....while talking with JoGail. She cracks me up and is a gift from God. She can lighten me heart up quickly. I also laughed when Grace picked on me. She's smiling so much these days! 

I am working on..accepting that when God tells me he will will take care of something that he will. Doesn't mean I get to sit on my duff and do nothing, but rather I am to be still and listen to what he's guiding me to do.Being still and listening is sometimes the hardest part.  Guess I am still working on that, too.....I tend to ramble on and on and on..... 

Yesterday I.. cleaned house with JoGail. We did the laundry, grocery shopped, birthday shopped for Zoie and just generally cleaned the house together. I had so much fun with her. 

I am hoping..I never forget how special my relationship with Coy is. He is so much more than I ever imagined, even the day I married him in the sweltering heat in a small Nazarene church in Buffalo Gap, TX. He is my best friend. His love for God has gotten stronger and stronger and I am so thankful. Our relationship continues to get better and stronger. I love him so much! 

I bet you didn't know..I love barbeque chicken and my PawPaw Cole used to make the best. But my mom would also make it in the oven  and I loved that and asked for it as my birthday meal for many years. I eat it over rice and with corn as a side. Nothing else--just BBQ chicken, BBQ sauce over the rice and corn on the side. Another thing my mom makes the best of is potato salad. Yes, potato salad. hers is the best and I really never even try anyone else's. My parents are coming to visit in May and I can't wait to eat some of her potato salad!!!!!!!  Of course I can't wait to see them either! There's just something about sitting around the table or living room visiting with your parents and your kids. Ok I am going on and on now, so I guess it's time to close. 

I have two specific unspoken prayer requests, please. Friends are hurting and our family needs to have the wisdom to know how to minister to them. One lives close and the other lives way far away. Both families have been crucial to our family as we have grown.. thank you! 


Mom24 said...

Praying. For all of you. So hard to "let go and let God", isn't it?