Lauries Kitchen

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just a day in the life!

Outside my's 91 degrees. Sever storms are headed this way! We still need rain! The radar is colorful tonight !

Today I feel.....happy. There's so much to be stressed about that I am just laughing at it all!

I am thankful..for my friends. The ones I work with! They will get me through this last month or so of school! The ones at work who keep me laughing and make me feel important. They appreciate (well some of them) that I am trying not to wear clothes that are too springy (or white on the bottom) until after Easter. I told them today it's cramping my style since I can't wear that until almost May this year!
Tomorrow I am....having meetings, testing a kiddo, and going to AWANAS tomorrow night.

I am wearing..grey shorts, lavendar shirt and NO SHOES!!!!

I wish..we didn't ahve taks testsing herr ein the great state of Texas. TAKS testing is the federally mandated testing that Texas administers every year. It's so much stress on the kids and it's just a one day snapshot of how a kid can really do. One day. If the kid heard mom and dad fighting all night and didn't sleep, got himself up and off to to school and didn't eat breakfast, he could blow it. Just seems we would be better off without it. I will be sure and tell the apporpriate people when they ask me, though.

My schedule this week[end] includes..Easter out to eat.....Easter church service....relaxing getting ready for teh TAKS testing week.....I have so many reports to write, so pray I can focus and get them done.
I need to start..walking. Enough said.
I am reading.....The Homeplace by Gilbert Morris. It the prequel to a book I read last month. I'm headed back to the library tomorrow. (Yeah!)

I laughed today....just visiting with Coy.  I am so thankful for him. yeah, he's older but sometimes that experience helps me chagne my viewpoint. I just love him so much. He's a great provider for the family and keeps us all in check.

I am working on..paperwork so I Cna write reports next week during the downtime!
Yesterday I.. worked, went to a meeting at church  and make Easter peep mests with GRACE!!!! Yes, I bribed her ot help me--she got all the leftover peeps!
I am hoping..JoGail finds out soon if she passed her reading and math TAKS tests. She is chomping at hte bit to know and is a little miffed that Grace was told already and she hasn't been told! She has bene praying hard that she passed and won't have to reatake them.

I bet you didn't know..II love Texas bluebonnets. I mean, absolutely love them. I am jealous of my friend Rachel going down to Central Texas this coming weekend because I KNOW she will get to see some gorgeous blue fields....She's from OK I have been trying to prepare her for how gorgeous it's going to be! Yes, I am turning green with envy.