Lauries Kitchen

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I really should write an original post, but......

I have typed ALL week at work and it just isn't in me!!!!  So you get the template again......

Outside my's 91 degrees. Severe storms are headed this way! We still need rain! The radar is colorful again tonight !

Today I feel.....pretty relaxed. Worked on school work this moirning and got a little of that out of the way.

I am washing machine!!!Yes it is duct taped together, but it's still agoing!!!!

Tomorrow I am....going to church and hopefully taking the MSAN   (Mandatory Sunday afternoon nap)! 

I am wearing..UT t shirt, black shorts and tennis shoes!!!!  Finally I am wearing shoes!

I would just rain and rain and rain. No storms, though. Just rain!

My schedule this week[end] includes..resting, making rotel chicken for lunch tomorrow, going to church and MSAN. 

I am reading.....The Seeker. It's about the Shakers in Kentucky during the Civil War. Did you know that the Shakers believed there was a lady who was equal to Jesus? Yep, Mother Ann....Interesting. Also bought a Reader's Digest to read. I'll probably read all of that tonight!

I laughed today....while eating with the family. We really are quite a hoot if you just sit back and listen to us all. JoGail thought a sign we passed said Vetarinary Clink.  Oh the joys of living with JoGail! Can't beleive she is going into the 6th grade!

I am working on..trying to figure out my menu for next weekend. My parents are coming!

Yesterday I.. worked and finished some reports at work. Had two meetings and worked on a ton of little things. TAKS testing is over, so now we just have the pack out! For those not in education, the pack out can be every bit as grueling as the actual testing. Everything has to go in specific boxes, in a specific order, using a specific amount of tape. It's also we were figure out if everyone got all the accommodations, etc they were supposed to.
I am hoping..that I always remember the fun times this little family of four has. I want to always remember our fun times!

I bet you didn't know..Rachel didn't get to go camping so she missed out on seeing the fields of blue!!!! Maybe next year! Here's another one.....every year I send the girls balloons, a coke, candy bar etc....on one day of their TAKS testing. (They get it at the end of the day) Just kind of a little reward for working so hard. Usually I make it and take it myself, but I ran short on time. So I went down to Memories of Elegance in Mabank and they did an awesome job! (Plus the price was right!!!!!) Thank you!!!!!!