Lauries Kitchen

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Crash Sweet potatoes

Now these take a while to put together, but it is sooo worht the effort! This would be great to make on the weekends to take in a lunch! In fact, if I had more fresh sweet potatoes, I would be making them to take this week!

You put 2 quarts of salted water on to boil. Peel 2 sweet potatoes and cut into about 1 inch widths. Drop in the hot water. Start the timer for12 mins. after 12 mins drain and let potatoes cool about 15 minutes.

Get out a cookie sheet and cover with foil. Then spray with pam. Place each piece of cut sweet potatoe on the sheet -leaving room around.. Get out a glass or bowl and mash (hence the name 'crash') the sweet potato-it may go everywhere, just put it all back in a circular shape. Spray with low calorie butter spray. In another bowl mix 1 1/2 T brown sugar, some cumin, onion powder, chili powder, paprika, and garlic powder. Mix well then put on top of each sweet potatoe that has 'crashed'. Bake sweet potatoes another 15-20 minutes or until tender.

This was pretty low calorie and was really good. They were devoured around here with our ham sandwiches and kale chips.