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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Star Awards

Well, let me catch you up!  I have a major sinus infection-going on about a week and a half. Because of my health history, these things always make me nervous. Now I love my doctor, but when I went in with headaches and I got a diagnosis of strep, I knew it was going to be trouble. My currect doctor (of about 5 years) doesn't know or remember me when I had all my sinus problems. He doesn't remember the hospital stays and PIC line for sinus infections. It's been about 6 years since I have had them, so they are even dissolving away from my memory! (Thank you, Lord)  But anyways, I have been back on prednisone, budesinide and 2 antibiotics. To say I am jittery and even mor random than usual would be a major understatement. As in the past I know I get more done correctly in teh morning thatn at night, so I try to front load my days ight now. Which brings me to another point. We are missing Grace's game tonight. Coy has board meeting and I just don't feel right driving the backroads to Buffalo in the dark. Last year I tried it and it took us forever because I was going slow , missed a road, had to turn around and go back...I think we beat the school bus back by maybe 5 minutes. But anyways, I get nervous missing. I don't think she minds at all. She told us when we were talking about it that she played her best volleyball game ever when we weren't there, so we'll see. I don't doubt she'll be loved and taken care of. Between her coach, his mom, and Mak and Carley's mom someone will take care of her. She kind of breaks my heart that I'm not 100% to try and go. Anyways, I'll  be nervous all day about that. Plus they need to win to stay in the running for 1st place. And I guess if she thinks she plays better without us there once then she had better. She plays really well most of the time anyways. She's getting consistent and really is a joy to watch. JoGail is a hoot to watch. She is becoming a beast for rebounds. And she aint' letting letting go of the ball, either. It's kind of surprising if you know her. But she knows what to do and she does it.  I am just amazed at how grown up these two are getting. But on to the Star Awards....

Being on prednisone, I often have weird dreams and this morning was no exception. I woke up at 3:23 and haven't been back to sleep yet. Every year of office (I work in Mabank) has a theme for the school year. One year 5-6 years ago, our theme was 'SuperStars'. This year, its about getting up when you are knocked down and carrying on.....kind of like this. I guess you would call it resilience.

So anyways, I was dreaming that I was chosen y Eustace ISD to give out STAR AWARDS to people that have impacted my life-not Coy's, not the girls. Mrs. McKee (from Mabank ) had charged me with doing this. So, I started going through the list-
JW-for always putting up with Coy no matter what the mood
Mr. Sowers-for always being there for Coy
Coach Brown-for connecting with Grace
Mrs. Abbott-for ALWAYS feeding the girls and Coy
Coach Herman-for challenging the athletes and making the fact that we go to so many sporting events fun
All of the girls' teachers......I think I dreamt of everyone they have had here in Eustace. If my girls make the top ten banquet as seniors they are going to have a HARD time deciding which teacher to honor....
I though of Mrs. Beasley, but in this dream she has actually retired from EISD with 50 years of service.
Then I remembered it was about who had impacted MY life. And I came up with two people.

Now, these two people are behind the scenes people. One keeps the district straight financially and the other keeps us in line with TEA. These two ladies have helped raise my girls and have helped watch over the love of my life. They have watched them grow. JoGail could barely walk when we moved here and now she's twelve. These two are my lifesavers when Coy is at a conference or something and I have to get from Mabank to Eustace to pick the girls up. And yes, there have been a couple of times that I forgot to do that and I think it was because I knew they were taken care of! It's not uncommon for Coy to be in a meeting and JoGail to to go to the admin building and Coy find her drinking a soda and a handful of chocolate candy when he comes out. They have been known in the past to sneak candy to the girls, as well. These ladies most definately put up with Coy on a daily basis.   They f cook for him. listen to him and accept him. They have taught my JoGail to eat tomatoes for breakfast and pickled okra on whatever they have at that time.  I'm giving my two Star Awards to Karen Thompson and Carol Warren. They have withstood many tests and are greatly appreciated!

Then (and I kid you not) in my dream Carol had to put on her shoes to come forward to get the award because she was running around in he socks!

Thank you, Karen and Carol for always helping to take care of my family.

So there you have my random ramblings and my dream........