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Friday, March 25, 2011

A day in my life.....

Saw this on another blog. She does it every week and I thought it was interesting. Hehehe   For those that wonder what I' really doing and thinking......beware......I am honest with it!

Here's where I borrowed the  template from....

Outside my's 76 degrees. It was a beautiful spring day here-enjoyed a good walk in the sunshine to eat lunch today (We went to Shorty's, Rachel and we missed you! ) 

Today I feel.....  Tired. I am very surprised I am even still awake! This first week back from spring break has been a booger bear and now there's 9 more weeks! 

I am sister stopping by and visiting yesterday and Coy. He rubbed my neck tonight and it felt wonderful! I am also thankful I work with people I like. I know I say that a lot, but really the people I work with make it all better. ....afterall, we are a WOLFPACK! 

Tomorrow I out the fridge, doing laundry, and hopefully at least looking to see where I am at on my next report. Maybe, just maybe I will get a little more of it done.....I'm not holding my breath though !

I am old USA shirt and gray shorts. No shoes. I am home and I am comfortable! 

I wish..Some people would realize that when you hurt others you ultimately hurt yourself. Being mean gets you no where. Nice matters. 

My schedule this week[end], laundrying and generally catching up on stuff and of course church. Grace is reffing Sat and then has a banquet at church Sat night.  Jaci is coming over to spend time with JoGail. They'll be outside and upstairs! 

I need to start..trying to figure out what in the world I am going to do with all the pictures I have in the computers. Yes, they are backed up on a external drive. I am trying to decide if I should just buy albums, get them printed and try to put them in some sort of order. Scrapbooking blows my mind and I have no where to really work on it. Any ideas????  Seriously I have been thinking about this for awhile......not sure what the best thing is. 

I am reading..I actually just finished three (series) Lauraine Snelling books from the library. I went to he library after school and got another of her series. She's christian fiction writer and I really like her. Not sure what I am going to read when I finish all her books the library has. 

I laughed today....when Beverly called me and asked me to put something at the beginning of the IEP goals because she has been studying the book of Phillipians in Sunday School and she has learned that they always put their names and title at the top of the scroll so people would know who wrote it. We are also studying it in Sunday School but are already behind (We started the new unit the first of March)...I think we are only to verse 8 or so......we're a slow learner group..... (work joke) 

I am working on..trusting God He has told me not to stress about something and I am trying to just let him have it. I also read something on some blog today about a guy who was given the assignment by God to take three rocks up the mountain in a wagon. He stopped and visited on the way up and everyone asked him to take something up for them and the load was so heavy he couldn't make it. Made me wonder how much extra stuff I a carrying up the mountain......God only asked the man to take the three rocks....yet he ended up with a load he couldn't handle! 

Yesterday I.. saw my baby sister and her family! And let me tell you she looks good!!!!  Alex was as honory as ever, but I'll still take him! He did drive her here afterall!!!! I just have so much fun around her and her family. We visited, ate and took pictures. Then I sent her on to MawMaw's! I am jealous that she got to see Baby Joy though !

I am hoping..To keep enjoying my kids as they grow up. I am truly blessed with two unique individuals and love them both dearly. 

I bet you didn't know..I don't watch many movies. I can't sit still and always irritate my family with questions because I just can't figure out why people would do or say certain things !  Just easier not to watch! 



Mom24 said...

76 degrees! So jealous! We're at about 26 right now. :(

I love Lauraine Snelling. Her stuff is so enjoyable to me.

I empathize completely about the pictures. I told my daughter not too long ago that my online pictures are as big of a mess as all the printed ones I have stuffed in boxes. I cannot figure out what to do with them either.

Hope it's a good week.

Judy said...

Laurie, love your blog. Like the "template". My kind of writing format: use a template. Of course, you are a very creative person but I need a pattern to do things. Enjoy reading you.