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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Green Light Salad

This is a salad I often forget about, but I love it ! I made some this weekend and it's good, even as a breakfast salad! 

For those that read my last post. I got most of the things on my list done. I didn't get the work computer out though, I just had too much to do. I went nonstop yesterday!  The garden is pretty much planted. Yes, Grace and I helped. I even got a little sun! We'll see how my allergies hold up! Plus I got a ton of stuff done on the inside of the house. Grace reffed most of the day. JoGail and Jaci played outside all afternoon. The weather was beautiful! Then the cold front came through and it was chilly today! 

Church was wonderful this morning! It was senior adult day ( I think). We got to hear some interesting testimonies about what God is doing in some lives. So neat to hear those stories.  I listened to them and thought about how much these people went through and yet God still USES them....

Ok, the Green Light Salad Recipe. I think I got this from a diabetic cookbook a long time ago. 

Green Light Salad
1 small package green jello
1 small can chunk pineapple, drained 
1 carton cottage cheese 

Mix all together and refrigerate before serving!