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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Three people.....Cathy K, Alex and last but not least--Melissa

Wow! Day two of spring break and I haven't done ANYTHING that isn't absolutely necessary! I have finished 2 1/2 books, caught up on my googlereader reading and searched for new recipes. And i took a nap this afternoon. Tomorrow is the day it ends, though.....back to finishing the laundry (there's a load either in the dryer or washing machine, I can't even remember which, dusting, sweeping and mopping, and vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, and maybe cleaning out some in the garage. Plus whatever Coy comes up with. He has told the girls they have to move rocks tomorrow, but we'll see. (He tells them to move them then has them move them back to the exact spot. I don't know why. They hate it and he loves it.)  I DO see the girls point on this one, though! But this post is not about my to do list. It's about three special people celebrating something today, March 13.

First  up is Cathy K. (notice I didn't even try to spell her last name....)  She is the daughter of a very special person to me-Mrs. Yarbrough. Mrs. Yarbrough was an awesome lady and a true teacher. she was the elementary principal when Coy and I got married and moved to Evant. She was more than an elementary principal. She had done a little bit of everything in that school and touched so many lives. At that time Cathy was a first grade teacher in Hamilton, a little ways down the road. When they moved me from PE to 1st grade, it was Cathy's classroom i went to visit. She was organized and everything looked wonderful. Little did I know how inept I would be as a 1st grade teacher! But there was a goodto being  to being in 1st grade that year. Cathy switched to teaching 2nd grade in Evant and was there to answer my MANY questions. Fortunately I was 'returned' to PE and Cathy and I grew even closer as her boys were naturals at sports and games. Cathy and I continued our friendship once we moved and she even came to visit me once! Cathy is the kind of friend I can tell anything to-any of my Laurie ways aer considered juts that and usually not offensive to her. She has always seemed to 'get me'. She remarried after we moved and I went back to her wedding. We don't always talk alot now. but I know I can count on her. (man, I miss that playground!) She is someone I can call in the middle of the night if I needed to and she and Mike would be here when I woke up the next morning. Happy Birthday, Cathy!

Ok, this next two come as as a pair, literally! Alex married my baby sister Melissa7 years ago this afternoon! Their wedding was one of the most beautiful I have ever been to. She looked beautiful, Alex looked stunning and Ben and John were just adorable!  Alex and Melissa have been a true asset to our family.. They have stepped up when someone needed to, often at a cost to their family, both money and time wise. Their house is where Mom and dad go when they doctor appointments or generally need something. She is the most creative person I know and he is the most talented person I know. She can make anything and he can pretty much fix anything, especially things on a vehicle. I never will forget my shock when Marcy passed. I looked in their garage and there sat a hippy van. Yes, he was working on a hippy van at the time!!!!  They have definitely been through some tough times-tougher than I want to go through and have come out stronger. They are two of teh most giving people I know. I never know when I'll find a box by the door from them. And let me tell ya it makes my day!   Melissa has become a best friend over the years and I never would have thought would happen. I always have felt like I missed a lot of her and Mike growing up because I was away at college during their teen years. I am so thankful we have become great friends and someone each other can count on. She can make anything and organize and clean anything she can't make. She is so talented and special!!!!!   I love you both and am very proud of you both!