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Monday, March 21, 2011

A family favorite...corn pone pie

I was looking through the recipes for something different to fix tomorrow and realized my corn pone pie recipe isn't listed on the side bar!!!!   Of all things!!!!  On the first Monday back from spring break no less!!!!!!!  So I knew that tired as I might be I have to get this recipe posted..Otherwise I would lay awake in bed and wish I had taken the time to post it. Not sure if this is what we will have tomorrow night or not, but I must get this posted.

This recipe is a family favorite. There is NEVER any crumbs left in the skillet. Sometimes JoGail and I put cheese on it, sometimes not. It's always good and always turns out! I always cook it in the cast iron skillet.

Corn Pone Pie

1 pound ground hamburger or turkey (I use turkey)
1 can rotel ( I drain this too)
1 drained can ranch style beans
1 package corn bread mix prepared or make you favorite cornbread

Preheat oven to directions on cornbread mix package. Mix hamburger, rotel and beans together. Put in skillet or oven proof dish. Pour prepared cornbread mix over all. Bake according to cornbread mix directions.



Mom24 said...

Sounds yummy. Thanks.