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Monday, March 14, 2011

Smothered Pork Chops

Monday of spring a little done today....finalized vacation plans....worked on taxes....went to the phone store with Coy (2 of them, bless my soul) and made an awesome supper! We had baked potatoes for lunch and they were soo good! I got was reminded about them from a friend here in Eustace and I am so glad I was reminded! Thanks, Lee Bobbitt!!!!

For supper I took some recipes off the Internet and thought about them. (insert picture of thinking man here) Then decided to try the Campbell's Golden Mushroom soup that Laurie Boerner introduced me to and some CCampbell's french onion soup. Bought some pork chops. I opted for boneless because I liked their thickness, but you could just a easily use bone in and get more flavor. I seared the chops in a cast iron skillet, then removed them from the pan. I sliced some onion, caramelized that a little then added the soups. And mushrooms because my family loves them. I cooked the soups down a little then added the chops back in and covered them with the gravy, and then baked at 325 for about 30-35 minutes. 

 While those cooked JoGail cut up some red potatoes and we seasoned them and roasted them in another cast iron skillet in the lower oven (I LOVE having two ovens).  They were ready about the same time as the pork chops.

Speaking of JoGail, she made scrambled eggs for everyone for breakfast by herself! It's so wonderful having a junior cook in the house! She is learning about cleaning up after she cooks, slowly. She made some chocolate chip muffins in her cupcake maker for dessert for supper.

I must confess I am being a 'meany' to the girls right now. I didn't feel like reminding them all weekend to get their laundry done, so I said nothing. I am wondering when they will run out of underwear! hehehe    Coy just told me there is a mound of laundry in their bathroom. Guess I best make sure all mine is caught up before they realize what they need to do !

And I entered Coy's broccoli slaw recipe in a gooseberry patch search for recipes for their cookbooks, so wish me luck! I love my Gooseberry patch cookbooks and have almost all of them.  Having a recipe of HIS in their would make me a giddy......and you know how often that happens!


Laurie said...

Hey, did you use Beefy Mushroom or Golden Mushroom on the pork chops? Gonna try it tomorrow...YUM!!!
--Laurie B

Nara Visa Cowboy Gathering said...

Dad says that if JoGail did the cooking, someone else should do the cleanup!