Lauries Kitchen

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am so excited!!!!!

My big secret will be revealed this weekend!!!  I can't wait....all I can say is it may not be a BIG deal to alot of people but it is very important to me. This is osmething I have worked very hard for, cried for and prayed for.

I am so excited to get to go see my parents and my baby sister this coming weekend. Yes, I will miss the 3 on 3 soccer tournament. But it will so be worth it. Coy is on his own with JoGail at that tournament in Mabank this weekend. Great bonding time for them! I'm sure I wll text him  like crazy, though! He had enough girls from his team want to play so he is coaching 2 teams. I'm thinking he will be too busy to really miss me. But I will miss him and JoGail and Grace!