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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another challenge!

Ok so my sister helped me come up with next month's challenge.....try at least one new thing a week....can be a new recipe, a new ingredient, a new restaurant, or a new cooking technique! I started tonight by combining the eat out of the pantry challenge (we're still doing that) and the try something new challenge...made granola bars....smelled awesome! Here's a link to the recipe.
Granola Bar Recipe. WOW! I only added milk choc chips to see how it turned out. Mine aren't as ashen loooking as hers, either.....I had the chips, oatmeal and Eagle Brand in the cabinet....since I had enough to make two batches one batch has butterscotch chips with semi choc chips. I plan to take them to work since the bars are kind of high calorie for me right now. Yep, I'm back on the calorie counting wagon and feel better already...drinking lots of water, too......

Funny story...sort of.....JoGail said her tooth hurt when she ate her breakfast this being me I looked in her mouth and saw swollen light pink gums....thought she might have an abcescess so I called the dentist....took half a day off and picked her up early from school....she did well....remember last time she had to take a valium when she went to the dentist....I worried all morning...she did great this time and all it was was a loose tooth! I felt so silly.....oh well I figure if I hadn't taken her it would have been an abscess!

I think Grace is still growing. She seems to get taller everytime I go to hug her. Quite the young lady, too I might add! Currently she's the family's ipod trouble shooter!

Coy comes home tomorrow~yeah~ I sure miss him when he's gone!


Laurie said...

ok, so I have been going through your recipes...this blog is amazing! I am really proud of you! It takes effort and time and you really put :yourself" in it. Thanks for the great new ideas. I am so excited! I printed some of them out to try!! Thanks!!! Oh and I LOVE your Graphics!

Melissa Priest said...

Great post Laurie! Did Coy make it back?

Laurie said...

Thanks, Laurie.....My sister magincally did the graphics for me. She is so talented....Yes, Melissa he is back..had to watch 'Have Gun Will Travel' again yesterday!