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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sunday night ....ahhhh the calm before the storm!

Laundry is about done, supper has been sleeping in tomorrow's back to work! It has been a good, productive break.....highlights include:

Christmas Eve service at the family candlelighting and prayer
Seeing most of my family....we'll get to MawMaw's and Toot's this spring
Seeing a good portion of Coy's family...we always have a good time at Todd and Michelle's
Cleaning out JoGail's THAT was a chore
Cleaning out my 2 sacks of stuff to give away
Making sugar cookies and a gingerbread house with the girls
Seeing my parents and the girls play games together
Having my own BIG bowl of Mama's potato salad
Watching it snow on Christmas Eve....just a little
Watching the girls and their friends have a good time New Year's Eve...until Coy and I fell asleep
Sounds silly.....but reading recipes on the computer and not having to worry about what time it was
Keeping up and finding even more firends on facebook
Issuing the  'eat out of the pantry' challenge!!!

We did well tonight.....I made lemony skillet chicken and Coy stuck with his Veg beef soup....JG is at a friend's house for the night and Grace will probably eat cereal and/or have a coke float. (leftovers from New Year's Eve) ...either way I figure she's getting a little calcium!

The lemonny skillet recipe is below....

1 package chicken tenders (I only used 1/2 package b/c that's what I had left in the fridge)
1 pat butter
a little flour
a little olive oil
3 T lemon juice ---I used fresh from lemons Daddy brought me from Mr. Miller's
2/3 c chicken broth

Coat chicken with flous and cook in skillet until juices run clear-about 8-10 minutes. Take chicken out of pan. Put in the rest of the ingredients and heat to boil. Remove from heat and add chicken back in.

I was a little dispapointed because the sauce didn't thicken.....I should have realized that from the ingreients though.....It did have a good flavor...I added soy sauce to my chicken...

I made a thrown together casserole to take in my lunch. After this recipe the turkey is gone. :)

Thrown Together Casserole

Leftover turkey-about 2 cups
1 can ranch beans drained
1 can rotel drained
about 1 cup cheese
jalepeno salt
crushed nacho cheese doritos

Mix altogether, seasoning to your liking. Heat in 350 oven about 20 minutes. Crush nacho cheese doritos and heat about 10 more eminutes. You can add more cheese on top if you want.

This week promises to be a busy week and a really really cold front is due towards the end of the week....could be hard to stick to my menus but I am determined to do it! I've managed to avoid going to the store fo ranything so far....but I think it will happen tomorrow. Grace loves her cereal and Coy loves those pop tarts and diet cokes! :)

I saw on another blog where the challenge was to eat in 365 days of the year.....ouch...I don't think I could do 30 days much less 365! No drive thus, no  birthdays celebrations, nada......nope not for me! I do wonder if I might lose a little more weight, though......hummmmmmm.....nope not for me....but we are consciously trying to limit how much we eat out...remind me of this in a few weeks, ok????

I'm getting a preview of me and Coy in our golden years....him watching a documentary in his chair and me typing on the computer from teh couch...

Heard a verse today at church that I hadn't thought about in a while....sort of the rest of John 3:16 in my opinion....just something to think about.

John 3:21
But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen PLAINLY that what he has done has been done THROUGH God.

In my opinion, this means there should be no question as to where we get our strength, our courage, and our ideas......they should come from God because we are living in the truth......just something to think about.....


Deanna said...

Ok--I have made it 1 day eating out of the pantry. Tomorrow I am making chicken taco soup. The guys won't eat it, but I will take it for my lunch the rest of the week. I will fix them hamburger helper or something like that. I have all that though. I am with you about not eating out ever---our life is tooooo busy for that! We are doing good taking 1 day at a time!