Lauries Kitchen

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baked pineapple and Stacia's Shepherd's Pie

Looking for a low fat one pot meal???try Stacia's Shepherd's Pie..I have heard my friend from Evant talk about this a long time and finally tried it......why did I wait so long? My gang ate every last drop!

Stacia's Shepherd's Pie

Preheat oven to 350.
Brown a pound hamburger or ground turkey
Layer in a casserole dish.
Drain a can of corn.
Pour on top of hamburger meat.
Mix up a small batch mashed potatoes--I used instant to make it a quick meal
Put mashed potatoes on top...I used what I call the cing method putting glops all over then spreading it
Stacia puts cheese on top....of course we couldn't.....
Bake until all is hot.

I wondered about not having a binding 'agent' in the hamburger and corn but was not a problem. I think next time I am going to try either mixed vegetables or frozen sweet corn. I can't tell you if it's great for leftovers or not because we didn't have any!

I paired this with Baked pineapple. It was also a hit. I can't wait to mait this for MawMaw....I know how much she loves pineapple. I didn't use all the sugar-I was afraid it would be way too sweet! It's good and simple!

Today was JoGail's tenth birthday. She had an awesome day ! This was the day the school picked to reward kids with good grades and good she didn't have to do any work and got to go skating and out to McDonald' s instead! Then I surprised her with decorated cupcakes and drinks at school. I sent a candle and the teach put it on a cupcake and the class sang happy birthday to her.....such a special don't turn ten every day!