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Thursday, January 21, 2010

An old family favorite-Old English Breakfast

What a week! Mondays off sure make the week seem long! Wednesday nights at church are somewhat long to me but I always feel refreshed by Thusday..something about being around all those munchkins and wonderful ladies....we made s'mores for the snack last night.....Ms. Leslie brought the stuff then Holly and I put our heads together how to do it in the oven....Kids loved them and so did the youth! We made pancakes and sausage for the meal.....always a favorite....especially with the youth....

I am trying to wrap my brain around healthy eating again......I know...I should be thinking about it ALL the time.....not to that point yet, though. I have to take baby and I mean baby steps towards wrapping my brain around healthy eating. This week I am focusing on eating breakfast....Now normally I eat whatever. No, I was most definately NOT raised this way. I think 'this way' happened after I had kids and wanted to sleep more...Coy always and I mean ALWAYS has 2 packages of low fat brown sugar pop tarts....So I have never really had to fix him breakfast (thank goodness since he leaves at 6:15 most mornings). The girls love cereal or JoGail will eat oatmeal. Simple, quick and easy.....that leaves just me. Sometimes I fix eggs and toast but here lately I have been heating up leftovers.....I know not your normal breakfast food, but it works for me. Sometimes all I have is chips and salsa.  I usually take it to work and read Coy's blog and newspapers on the internet while I eat it ( I get there early). Usually it's Jane and I and it's nice and quiet for about 30 I was thinking today while I was waiting at the doctor's office (kidney stones) and decided to focus on breakfast the next scouple of weeks....first of all I am going to try and make something my mom mde for us when we took trips.....I just came up with a name for this...Old Enlglish Breakfast ....not the healthiest but at least it will be healthier for me! I am using turkey sausage, though, and 100 calorie english muffins with extra fiber.

Old English Breakfast

1 small roll sausage browned and cooled
1 small jar Kraft Old English cheese
1 package English muffins

Mix sausage in cheese together. Spread on muffins. Muffins can be heated or not. Mama would always cut the muffins into quarters then keep in a zip lock bag in the car when we travelled.