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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Basketball picts + 'retirement ' announcement

Here's a picture of JoGail guarding he rgirl last weekend....yeha....just a little height differnece! JoGail drove her crazy though and the girl only scored 3 points for her team and 2 poionts for out team. Seriously, JoGail played awesome defense. She may not be the quickest or the tallest but she can sure annoy somebody! We play Scurry this afternoon.

Retirement Announcement.....

Grace has decided to 'retire' from soccer. Her decision. She said she wants to focus on school sports and her grades. SHe has played since third grade and has enjoyed it. But I think she is tired of it and going all the time. She told me that she doesn't like tournament weekends because there's no time to relax. And she's right. When you play all day Sat and all Sun afternoon and get home late there's no weekend left. Her coach is trying to change her mind but I doubt that will happen. She seems to have he rmind pretty made up. I must admit I am pretty proud of her for making this decision and sticking with it. :) She seems to be realizing on her own tha tshe can't do it all and trying to do it all wears her out. The Lady Destroyers finished third in the state tournament this year.

Coy's getting reaxy to go to the MidWinter Conference in Austin. (I'm thinking I might get a break from watching a daily episode of "Have GunWill Travel". ) I think it's healthy for him to get away for a while. Especially when I think about him being single for 10 years before we were married. I think the girls and I drive him a little crazy sometimes.

The Spicy Potato Soup was a big hit, even though Grace thought it was too spicy. Coy especially liked it with cornbread.



Melissa Priest said...

Proud of Grace for making up her own mind!