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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Foodie Blog roll

I am happy to announce my blog has been given the seal of approval from the foodie blog's  a updates itseld with other blog posts.....I like to see if any of them interest me then click on them. it will automatically take you to the have to be approved to add it so I am really happy! :)

I am also *trying* to figure out how to organize my recipe son the sidebar so you can easily access the recipes. May take awhile for me to figure but that's the goal!

Grace's ball game was postponed for tonight, so we are hanging out here at he house and waiting for Texas to play.....we have just a wee bit of burnt orange in the house! I think that's all Grace wears! I was able to get her in at hte doctor's office this afternoon to look at her foot that has started hurting her. He diagnosed it as a a sprain of her deltoid ligament (interior ankle). She has some exercises to do and has to wear a certain kind of tennis shoes (she actually had a pair in her closet). We'll see we go back for a steroid shot in two weeks if it isn't feeling better   :((((

Tonight's recipe come from Clarissa......She called it something like a hobo meal....

Can corn
Can green beans
Browned hamburger meat

Mix all together and heat. She said you can add oher things if you have them. I may hvae to try this. I think I will add some rotel to the mix and maybe some canned potatoes if I have them.

This weekend promises to be busy as both girls have games. Grace is in a tournament here in Eustace and JoGail plays in Trinidad......I'll keep you posted!