Lauries Kitchen

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Congratulations Leigh Ann!!!

Your recipe for bacon cheeseburger roll up was the first I made in my new birthday Paula Deen skillet!!!! It's in the oven now, so.....I can't wait to taste it.....the filling was awesome. I added worcestershire sauce and some seasonings to it.....but wow!!!  I won't be able to wait until lunch time at work tomorrow!! ~~Thanks for the recipe suggestion.

I have had a great birthday.....woke up to phone from Coy and the skillet, new double burner griddle (making pancakes tonight  ;) and a new Paula Deen knife set for the kitchen plus a gift card. The most wonderful presenst I received I got from my  parents. They both wrote me a letter about the day I was born....something I will always treasure! I need to write ones for my girls before I forget!!!!

Still working on eating from the pantry and taking my lunch. (Sometimes I just WANT a sac-aburger cheeseburger though! I made chicken paprikas and had some leftovers so that's going for my lunch this week as well.

Menu/Weekly Schedule ( I need to come up with a cute little name for this......hummm)

Sun nite   pancakes
Mon        Bball practice    Stacia's shepherd's pie  Look for this recipe Mon night!
Tues        BB Game/Fish, veggies
Wed        Church
Thurs       G Home Game/Shrimp
Fri           Con Stand/Sausage stew (new recipe)
Sat           EASA basketball

Thanks to my sister for guiding me to using links in my blog.......could make things alot easier....still working on how to make labels to organize my recipes on the sidebar....